What's happening with the used iPhone market?

What's happening with the used iPhone market?

Used smartphone sales are growing at a phenomenal rate! 📈 

According to Counterpoint Research, approximately 137 million used smartphones were sold in the United States and Europe last year. The number of used smartphones is projected to increase to 332.9 million by 2023!📱 

We are pleased to see that giving smartphones a second life is becoming more and more popular. This shows that more people are focusing on the environment and protecting it with environmentally friendly decisions. ♻️ 

More than 80% of electronic carbon emissions come from the production process. 

What to do instead?

By buying a used smartphone, you help reduce carbon emissions while extending the life of your smartphone and preventing toxic waste from entering the environment. 🙌🏻 

Let's protect nature around us - reducing the occurrence of new pollution - carefully evaluating decisions! 🌿

Quoting the UN Environment Acting Executive Director Joyce Msuya : "Our planet’s survival will depend on how well we retain the value of products within the system by extending their life!" 🌎

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