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Why buying a new smartphone harms the environment?

Why buying a new smartphone harms the environment?

An increase of 7 to 14 times in electronic waste pollution is expected in the coming years. Studies show that greenhouse gas emissions from the information technology sector could account for 14% of global emissions by 2040, compared to around 1-2% a decade ago. ­čôŐ┬á

What's causing this increase?

It is the production process of smartphones that has the greatest impact on the environment, creating e-waste that is 200 times the weight of the smartphone itself. 

The production process uses extremely rare raw materials that are difficult to obtain and cannot be recycled, for example, the iPhone uses a small amount of 3 elements in the speaker, camera and touch screen - neodymium, praseodymium and dysprosium. 

Global demand for new iPhones and smartphones in general is generating high demand for these features. The extraction and recycling of these elements accounts for 85-95% of the device's total CO2 emissions over two years. As a result, causing great damage to the environment. Ôśó´ŞĆ

When you buy a new phone, you are signalling to the manufacturer that they must continue to produce new devices, requesting that these rare items be obtained and processed. ­čöö

What can You do to help?  

Think about whether you really need a new smartphone unpacking experience or the most important aspect is a smartphone that will functionally meet all your needs? ÔŁŚ´ŞĆ

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