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Split the payment in instalments with Inbank

Fill in the Inbank application form in a couple minutes and receive a decision immediately. If any further information will be required, the reDevice customer team will contact you.

Financing conditions:

  • You must have official, regular monthly income;
  • Age from 20 to 76 years;
  • Loan amount from 70 EUR to 7000 EUR;
  • Loan term from 6 to 72 months;
  • The first deposit is 0%, if the price of the product does not exceed 1400 eur; If the price is more than 1400 EUR, then a first deposit of 10% must be made.
  • A passport or an ID card or a residence permit (for residing in Latvia, Lithuania or Estonia) together with a passport is required for registration.

DISCLAIMER! Split payment is a financial service that involves monthly payments. Before signing the loan agreement, read the terms of the respective service provider and, if necessary, consult with specialists.

How it works:

  1. Fill in the Inbank application form and receive a decision immediately;
  2. If you application is approved, you can choose Inbank (Leasing) as the payment method in the Payment step when placing the order;
  3. Once you remotely sign the loan agreement with Inbank (by making a 0.01 EUR bank transfer to Inbank's specified bank account), Inbank will inform us and we will start the product delivery process.

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